border-framing-dot-eu (2013 - present)
by Mahmoud Keshavarz, Christina Zetterlund & Johanna Lewengard

border-framing-dot-eu is a collaborative, archival and performative practice of documenting sites of racial profiling and ID-checks which have been carried by Swedish Police in order to find deportable and undocumented migrants. It is an ongoing platform that provides a kit for excavating narratives, identities and histories in the complexity of present materiality. The performance happens from time to time in two ways:
- full day action, covering a town with only marking places of racial profiling and uploading a photo of marked site to the project's website.
- And with more patient performance of staging and excavating, anchoring non-identities in given identities by using crafts skill and tools and thereby trying to excavate the complexity, randomness and fluidity of the relation between history and identity construction.

border-framing-dot-eu is an attempt to sustain the materiality of places and practices of deportation, to create testimonies and stage discourses. It also calls attention to what is inside the frame, the discourse that produces these assaults and the very condition that makes such injustice possible. By marking these places, a pattern of the nation state border system within the everyday life of the city is drawn. It is a design that fluctuates outside and inside of the frame. It makes the frame an evident thing. It is a method of framing and materialising the borders. It is a starting point from which to write histories and make shifts in what has to be witnessed, testified to, and learnt.

Check the project's website for more texts and practices: border-framing-dot-eu